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Kiruvere viking ship Äge

December 3rd, 2011 Comments off

The new viking ship project – the Kiruvere viking ship project is going on in Kiruvere, Estonia.

Together with NGO “Austrvegr Selts” we are building 11,6-meters long and 2,8 meters wide viking ship. There is also blog available about this project: Kiruvere viking ship blog.

And there is viking village in Kiruvere:  Kiruvere ancient village

We got the viking ship plans form Foteviken viking museum, Sweden, and this ship is based on Foteviken viking ship found.

Viking ship was launched on July, 7.-th 2012,  on the Kiruvere Muinaslaager event. There was plenty of people and everybody was happy to get their first ride on brand new viking ship.
Kiruvere viking ship was named “Äge”. This means kevl and also hot and fierce.

We had there some representatives from our media channels and you can see the video and photos:

and here:

Now we have to add to our new viking ship Äge rigging and sail and then we will sail! And more news and photos about Äge will come soon.

You can see photos of how we are building this viking ship here below, older pics are first, so you have to scroll down to see latest ones 🙂


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